Enrichment Center for Elementary & Middle School Students.
(Our conceptual learning approach make the students to able to make them confident in the STEM areas and able to represent at least one letter in STEM )
Prepare2Excel (P2E) provides solid foundation for the future studies  by building essential knowledge and skills for Elementary School and Middle School Students.  
Our advise is never Prepare just for the Test, instead focus on acquiring knowledge through continuous learning and ace the standardized test(s). 
Choosing right place is the hard part for the parents, once they choose us, Learning becomes the fun part
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why do we need to attend these courses ? 
 when, I am getting all A+ in school do I ?
and why ? why? why do I need to attend ?....
when to start ? 

if you believe knowing the additional information will help you to make right decisions, so 

Why do we need to attend Prepare2Excel enrichment programs starting from Elementary school ?  
Our enrichment classes Math, English and science build essential knowledge and skills while laying a solid foundation for the future studies. 

Students Exposure to the right materials, Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Build confidence through solving elegant problems. Connect with a close community of intellectuals..

Preparing to get into the Dream Schools and Colleges. 
(TJHSST/AOS High Schools, further admissions into MIT, Stanford , Harvard  and Ranked Colleges/Ivy Leagues)

Want to score high?

Looking for an edge over the competition?

Prepare2Excel is the place for you!

Prepare2Excel is an enrichment and test preparation center dedicated to working closely with motivated middle school students and their families. Our center provides a range of classes and seminars designed to prepare our students for competitive high school admissions exams. We are set apart by our world-class teachers and incredible success rate.

Students who stay with us for more than two years see amazing results. Historically, over 98% have made it past the first cut of the admissions process (the exam), and over 80% have been offered admission. Considering that the overall admission rate for TJ is below 15%, we are extremely proud of these results.


Our conceptual teaching approach delivers the skills and knowledge needed for any prospective student aspiring to score well on the TJ / AOS exam. And while the goal at hand for most of our students may be the entrance exam, our team works to lay a strong foundation that will help our students in high school and beyond -- regardless of where they go.

If you're ready to learn more, take a look at our preparation strategy, or register today.

*Considering the recent changes, we have added science component to the curriculum.

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars." ~ Les Brown