2012-2013 Class schedule

2012-2013 Class schedule

2012-2013 Enrichment Programs.

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Courses that are marked "Open" are open for registration. Courses that are marked "in session" have started but are still accepting new registrants. Courses that are marked "Full" are not open to new registrants.

PSAT for AOS (Loudoun County)  What is AOS?
Course NameDayTimeSubjectStart DateEnd dateStatus
AOS - PSATSaturday2:00pm-4:30pm All SubjectsSept 8th October 2012Full
*for 8th grade students.
Course NameDayTimeSubjectStart DateEnd dateStatus
SATSaturday2:00pm-4:30pm All SubjectsNov 3rd Jan 2013Open
SATSaturday 2:00pm-4:30pm All SubjectsMay 5th 2012 October 2012Full
Grade 8 [Class of 2017]: TJ Prep test prep.  All 8th Grade sessions are full. 
Course NameDayTimeStart dateEnd dateStatus
TJ2012-r1aSunday9:00am-11:30amSept 9th 201225th Nov 2012Full
TJ2012-t1dSunday9:00am-11:30amSept 9th 201225th Nov 2012Full
TJ2012-r1bSaturday9:00am-11:30amSept 8th 201224th Nov 2012Full
TJ2012-t1bSaturday9:00am-11:30amSept 8th 201224th Nov 2012Full
TJ2012-r2aSunday11:30am-2:00pmSept 9th 201225th Nov 2012Full
TJ2012-t2dSunday11:30am-2:00pmSept 9th 201225th Nov 2012
TJ2012-r2dSaturday 11:30am-2:00pmSept 8th 201224th Nov 2012Full
TJ2012-t2aSaturday 11:30am-2:00pmSept 8th 201224th Nov 2012


TJ2012-r3aSaturday 2:00pm-4:30pm Sept 8th 201224th Nov 2012Full
TJ2012-t3aSunday2:00pm-4:30pm Sept 9th 201225th Nov 2012Full
Grade 7 [Class of 2018]: TJ short Term Course
Course NameDayTimeStart dateEnd dateStatus
TJ2013-r1bSaturday 9:00am-11:30amDec 1st 201229th Nov 2013Open
TJ2013-r2cSaturday 11:30am-2:00pmSept 8th 201229th Nov 2013Full  
TJ2013-r3cSaturday2:00pm-4:30pmDec 1st 201229th Nov 2013Open
TJ2013-r1aSunday9:00am-11:30amSept 9th 201229th Nov 2013Full


Sunday11:30am-2:30pmSept 8th 201229th Nov 2013


TJ2013-r2bSunday11:30am-2:00pmDec 2nd 201229th Nov 2013Full
TJ2013-r3aSunday2:00pm-4:30pmSept 9th 201229th Nov 2013Full
Grade 6 [Class of 2019]: TJ Prep Long Term Course. 
Course NameDayTimeStart dateEnd dateStatus


Saturday 9:00am-11:30amSept 8th 201228th Nov 2014


TJ2014-r1bSaturday 9:00am-11:30amDec 1st 201228th Nov 2014Open
TJ2014-r2aSaturday 11:30am-2:00pmDec 1st 201228th Nov 2014Full
TJ2014-r1aSunday9:00am-11:30amDec 2nd 201228th Nov 2014  Open
TJ2014-r3aSunday2:00pm-4:30pmSept 9th 201228th Nov 2014Full
IOWA Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) preparation is part of our 6th grade curriculum. 
Grade 5 [Class of 2020]: Enrichment course.
Course NameDayTimeStart dateEnd dateStatus


Saturday2:00pm-4:00pmSept 8th 201230th Nov 2015


Note: If you register for a course marked "Full" on this page, you will be placed on the wait list.

Special Course:     
Math Enrichment Program (MEP) for Middle Schoolers : Our long term goal is to create awareness about math competitions at early ages and give students the foundation needed to succeed in national level competitions. Our dedicated, highly qualified and experienced team works continuously with our students to achieve this objective.

Course NameDayTimeStart dateEnd dateStatus
MEP-02*Sunday11:30am-12:30pmSept 8th 2012August 26th 2013Full
*Problem solving by Dr.Suresh Subramaniam.

ACSL (American Computer Science League)

Course NameDayTimeStart dateEnd dateStatus
ACSL2013SaturdayTBDNov 5th 2012May 25th 2013Full
Registrations received after August 23rd will be added to wait list.   

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  • Make your check payable to Prepare2Excel LLC

    Memo should contain  "Grade&Time, Month(s), Student name"
    Monthly payment example: 7th 9-11:30am, March, Ram"
    Quarterly payment example: 7th 9-11:30am, Mar-April-May, Ram"

    Checks should be mailed to "462 Herndon Pkwy #201, Herndon, VA 20170"

    Do the parents get reminder or invoice every month regarding fee ?

    No invoice / reminder will be sent to the parents and they are expected to pay beginning of every month, late payments incur an additional $25.00 dollars. 

     School Year Current Grade MyTjPrep Courses TJHSST Admission test date.
     2012-2013 8th  TJ20121st Saturday of December 2012
     2012-2013 7th TJ20131st Saturday of December 2013
     2012-2013 6th TJ20141st Saturday of December 2014
     2012-2013 5th TJ20151st Saturday of December 2015
    View last year's schedule here, and learn more about our SAT prep courses here.