Frequently Asked Questions

General Information 

Six steps to enroll a student. 

What is Thomas Jefferson High School?

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, commonly referred to as TJHSST or TJ, is a Fairfax County Public School offering a comprehensive college preparatory program emphasizing the sciences, mathematics, and technology. TJ has been ranked the #1 High School in the country for many of the recent years by the US News annual high school report. Learn more about TJ on their website. MyTjPrep's main offering is preparation for the TJ application process and admissions exam.

What is Academy of science?

The mission of the LCPS Academy of Science is to provide an academic environment where students are encouraged to develop creative scientific endeavors of their own design, while having the opportunity to pursue a rich, well-rounded high school experience. A student at the Academy of Science (AOS) will acquire skills to ask sophisticated scientific questions and conduct research and experimentation, to explore the interconnections between the sciences, math, and the humanities, to read, write, and communicate at a level that is required of university students, and to develop perspectives to assess the impact of scientific advancements on society. for more information visit

What is the IAAT?

The Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test, or IAAT, is used by many elementary schools to place 5th/6th graders (depending on the county) into an appropriate math track. For students looking to accelerate their math curriculum and take classes like Algebra or Geometry in middle school, doing well on the IAAT is a crucial step. MyTjPrep offers IAAT prep to help 5th and 6th graders looking to secure their math-related goals.

Who are the instructors at My TJ Prep?

Our instructors are experienced teachers chosen for their teaching history and experience in working with middle school students. You can learn more about our team by visiting our About Us page.

Class Structure and Details

How is class time spent?

Each class starts with a 10 minute quiz on the material covered in the previous week. Students will then spend time learning important topics in Math and English, focusing on those relevant to the TJ/AOS test. They will also learn test-taking strategies and tips for scoring well on the AOS/TJ test. For additional information, please visit our course descriptions

Is there any diagnostic test at My TJ Prep?

We give each student a diagnostic test to measure their math and verbal skills. Our teachers will then be able to challenge the students at the right level and help them improve in specific areas based on individual strengths and weaknesses.

How is student progress monitored?

We measure each student’s progress with regular quizzes, tests, and full-length practice exams.

Class updates ?

Every week, we send out class updates. If you are mytjprep parent and not receiving class updates, please send us an email with subject "Missing class updates for #Grade #student name" to . we will add to the respective email distro. 

Is class size limited?

Currently, all classes are limited to 12 - 16 students. This is to ensure that each student receives individual attention from our teachers.

Fees and Payment Method(s)

Fee details

5th Grade: Option 1: Yearly (12 months) $1800.00 [~$150/per month].Option 2: Monthly $175.00*
6th Grade: Option 1: Yearly (12 months) $2100.00 [~$175/per month].Option 2: Monthly $200.00*
7th Grade: Option 1: Yearly (12 months) $2100.00 [~$175/per month].Option 2: Monthly $200.00*
8th Grade: Option 1: Quarterly (3 months) $625.00 [~$208/per month] Option 2: Monthly $225.00*
SAT/PSAT:Option 1: Quarterly (3 months) $625.00 [~$208/per month] Option 2: Monthly $225.00*
ACSL:        Option 1: Quarterly (7 months) $900.00 [~$129/per month] Option 2: Monthly $150.00*

*Monthly payments are accepted through online payment process only.

How can I pay for classes?

Online Payment 

Pay by check:

Make your check payable to Prepare2Excel LLC
Checks are accepted only for yearly payments 
Memo should contain  "Grade, Month(s) and Student name"
Yearly payment example:7th, Sept-August, Pat - New*
*Mark New only for the First check.
Please mail checks to 462 Herndon Pkwy #201, Herndon, VA 20170

Do the parents get reminder or invoice every month regarding fee ?

Neither invoice or reminders will be sent to the parents regarding the fee and they are expected to pay beginning of every month. 

What if a month has 5 classes in it?

The fee is same regardless of the number of classes in a month.

What if I miss a class?

As we all know, Children celebrate birthdays, participate in sports and other activities. Occasionally, they might have conflicts with our regular TJ Prep sessions. This is common for any middle school student. In order to address this kind of situation, we advise students to attend an alternate session(same weekend) or pick up material from the center.  However we recommend that the students should stick to their regular schedules as far as possible.  Please note that there won’t be any makeup sessions.

Refund policy:

We provide refunds for extended absences (at least continuous 4 to 5 weeks) when notified in advance of one month. In other words, we offer prorated refunds with one month advance notice. if you pay yearly discounted rate of 2100 and discontinued after 8 month you will get a refund of [2100-(8x200) ]=$500.  

What if I the sessions are full and still I want to join the sessions?

Courses that are marked "Open" are open for registration. Courses that are marked "in session" have started but are still accepting new registrants. Courses that are marked "Full" are not open to new registrants. However, one can join our wait-list   If there is a possibility to accommodate any student, we will communicate to you with further steps in enrollment process to join in one of our on going sessions or some times we might consider to open a new session to accommodate the wait listed students.

Internship opportunities for High school students:

MyTJprep offer 6 to 8 weeks (weekends only) internship programs for high school students. Interested students can apply through "contact-us"