AMC Calendar

posted Oct 5, 2011, 7:44 AM by Venkata Are
The 2011 AMC 8 Contest will take place on Tuesday, November 15. The 2012 AMC 10/12 A Contest will take place on Tuesday, February 7. The AMC 10/12 B Contest will take place on Wednesday, February 22.  

If Your School is Not Registered for the AMC Contests...  

Urge your principal, math teacher, gifted education coordinator or anyone else you can think of at your school to help your school register for the contest. If your school doesn't offer the AMC tests, then one option would be to offer the tests to your school. You could offer to pay for the registration and material cost for the school or organize a math club, or get the existing Math Club to sponsor and fund the registration for the contest. Please make arrangements for your school to register, as we must send the contest materials to the school directly. Some colleges and universities also host the contests, check the AMC web page for a list of participating Institutions of Higher Learning for the AMC 8  and AMC 10/12.