Payment (OLD)

Check options : (for Quarterly or Yearly fee)
Make your check payable to : Prepare2Excel LLC
Memo should contain:: Class, Month(s), Student Name
Checks should be mailed to or dropped off at 462 Herndon Pkwy #201, Herndon, VA 20170

Option to pay the desired amount:
Use the below link to pay overdue amounts if any. 

Please make sure to enter your student's name and grade to ensure that we associate your payment correctly. Please don't complete the payment, if you have registered your child in "wait-list" 

Other Payment options:
[*5th, *6th, *7th Grade one-time fee is for 12 Months]

Monthly Recurring Payment
[Note: We don't retain neither your credit card details nor bank account details. By selecting monthly recurring method, you are making an arrangement with paypal to pay us monthly charges until you stop the payment on your paypal account.  It is your responsibility to cancel the recurring payment upon completion or discontinuing the services at MyTjPrep & at the same time it is our  responsibility to refund excess charges or advance payments, if any. ]