Course outline:

Students have an option to select 12 weeks course or 18 week course. These courses starts on Sept 13th and ends on November 28th, where as 18 week course is extension for  this 12 weeks and will continue up to January 16. These Students will take the SAT test on January 23rd. We at MYTJprep encourage students to take SAT before they enter into high school.

This a 10 week long writing course which focuses on three critical writing skills:  planning and organizing an essay; writing style; mechanics and usage.  Students will learn how to formulate a position on an issue, develop compelling arguments, organize them in a clear, concise and convincing way, and critique and edit their own work.  Students will learn how to express themselves in a clear and engaging way by understanding their audience, using colorful and expressive language, and conveying passion and enthusiasm in what they write.  Students will learn proper writing mechanics such as: organizing paragraphs into topic sentences, support sentences and transition/conclusion sentences; correct sentence structure; correct grammar and use of idioms; correct spelling and punctuation. Students will practice the full writing process of pre-writing, writing, peer and teacher evaluation and revision during this session.

Intended for : 
Students who are taking TJ admission test in December 2009. (rising 8th graders) 

Every Saturday 9:00AM-12:00PM for 10 Weeks. 

Registration :  

Class size : 10-12 students per class

Fee details:  
Checks should be made payable to prepare2excel LLC.  Memo should have a  "Writing-R3" - "Student name".  
                     Mail it to: P.O. Box 9202, Reston, VA 20195 - 9202

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